It is at the same

It is at the same, as children as, however, almost always and adults are not able to feel this discomfort.

It is at the same time necessary to teach the child to get rid of the muscular clips.

And to it is useless to give advice to relax muscles.

Trying to make it, it will only even more strain them from diligence, which in its representation is by all means connected with effort.

For removal of muscular tension the child has to be trained to make the concrete movements and actions causing states muscles, opposite to what it has to lower shoulders, for to kryvat eyes, etc.

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But as in a circle

But as in a circle It everything, maybe, is also not necessary for it.

Perhaps, it needs occupations of other sort, not the yogi, and repetition of sacred names or communication with people which are occupied with spiritual practice.

But as in a circle of wealthy people the yoga is prestigious, that, is perfect as at Zhvanetsky: You will be, the blockhead, the engineer, you will be, the blockhead to study will go to yoga.

It was fashionable to play an accordion, all children were driven on an accordion.

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The father

The father Three and a half years were it.

The father speaks: Well, well, interestingly!

The daughter answers: In a pancake.

The father at first was oshelomklen.

He expected something more impressive, more picturesque.

But then began to remember.

This family led an adjustable life, including sexual.

Parents knew date when there was a conception of the child.

And the father spoke: I swear that that day during the lunchtime we were on a visit.

And I cannot remember all dishes on a table, but on a table there precisely there were pancakes.

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We tell

We tell It has a huge desire to expand the lexicon.

The teacher should mean this requirement.

We tell stories, we discuss the daily events occurring in life of children, we arrange games with dolls and without them, we read children's verses etc.

Also the speech which is used in exercises on training in skills of practical life and at is very important to work with materials for development of feelings.

At first the child long enough works with material, and then listens to an oral lesson.

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Heat conduction

Heat conduction Before shower feels fatigue and a heat after a shower the exhaustion falls down, there is a cheerfulness, fun, energy.

To the contrary, it is possible to be warmed byst to yard in warm water because water gives the heat quicker, than a cart spirit.

Heat conduction of water by times exceeds heat conduction air.

It is known that the identical air temperature and waters of people vos accepts differently.

At air temperature ° it is possible to go down the street in a summer dress, and try to bathe and water with same temperature you will feel a considerable cool.

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