On neob you will

On neob you will It equally can belong to a stick, cubes, a doll or a brush for drawing.

As well as in from carrying all family rules, you explain it to the child so, That the child grew the happy that he understood in what the rule and why to you it consists it is necessary see.

How to stimulate good behavior.

On neob you will remind hodimost to him of it and to speak about the EU testvenny consequences of violation of the rule for example, to You it will be sick.

Perhaps, you even will correct it behavior see.

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Service has never

Service has never Answer: For this purpose mentally to tell the best way that I accumulate, I receive this service, I receive the benefits of this service better to serve drukgy people or to feel bigger enthusiasm to serve those who helps me, or those who cares of me.

It is the natural course, the estestvenkny course of service.

Service has never to is accepted in order that we enjoyed it.

Service is accepted to test happiness of service to someone else.

That is people who serve us, give the chance to us to test happiness from service to someone else.

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Responsibility The second consequence something else to borrow unwillingness of the owner.

Also it is possible that the owner will change the opinion if is some obvious proof of that situation Alternative to punishment will not repeat again.

Responsibility for it lies on debtor.

The owner has to do nothing, that to a pra to give a lesson.

It is much simpler to learn something, observing natural reactions of people, but not from the person, which decided to punish you for your benefit.

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To become

To become Again to turn the person in water and to repeat an exhalation.

It is desirable for fig.

that the child looked as carry out it uprazhne the scientific research institute you, and then repeated.

The same, but the person for a breath to turn to the left.

To do exhalations in water and after small rest povto to rit exercise.

To become the child on a bottom, having bent forward, on depth up to a breast.

The left right hand is extended up, right left at a hip.

To put the head on the hand extended up, a cheek on water, a mouth at the poverkhnos ti waters.

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Children Question of yaselny care of children part of a big problem of the society which lost feeling of that really is important.

For many people life turned into the express train with the unclear destination.

We hurry, but even we do not know where.

Children and teenagers today as the floats shaking on waves of stresses and tension of adults.

In their environment the first symptoms of sick culture are shown.

And they are shown now in epidemic scales.

The question of a day nursery is the most emotionally discussed subject in modern society.

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