A box with

A box with Chains of beads linear numbers Short chains Material: the wall shelf with chains hanging on it on small hooks, each of which corresponds to a square from cores with color beads with the party from to So, the first chain consists of one core with one red bead, the second from two cores on green beads on everyone, the third from three cores on pink beads etc.

The tenth chain consists of cores on gold beads on everyone.

A box with shooters of various width.

Colors of arrows correspond to flowers of chains.

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If each

If each If we want to surround children with love the first three years of their life, and it, according to scientists, to them is vital, husbands fathers should become part of this plan.

If each married couple begins with the solution of this problem, then spouses will be able successfully to be engaged in career and to raise children.

CHAPTER THE WORLD WHERE THE LOVE CAN PROSPER I am going to describe two situations.

Everyone is extremely sad, and everyone takes place many times in the course of the day.

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What this

What thisGive me a box with silent noise!

nd step.

Give me a box with loud noise!

Before the answer the child checks noise of boxes, again shaking them.

What this noise?

What that noise?

rd step.

The teacher chooses other couple and speaks: Give me from these two box with loud noise.

From here the child has to learn relativity of concepts the loud silent.

He puts boxes the friend near the friend opposite to all others and repeats exercise.

Loud is louder the loudest.

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The best

The best We learn a positive example!

About the second of considerable, important secrets of a vospiktaniye or the second big secret of small children many of us, probably, suspected or knew, heard, but hardly could believe that it really works.

The best method of education for children, the most effective method it is simple copying or a podrakzhaniye.

Many parents can tell that it is very controversial issue.

As if practice of it does not confirm.

If this is true, someone why at parents with kind character and the high moral principles children who not only do not follow these norms often grow up can object and do not develop, do not show these qualities, but often on the contrary, show the most negative, negative qualities?

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The same, but the right

The same, but the right To make a breath and then, turning the head facedown you died.

Help the child to accept the correct position of the head and hands.

The same, but the right left hand to carry out the fungal movements.

The same but to carry out alternate grebk hands, coordinating them with exhalations in water.

Pay the main attention to an exhalation.

Having made a start from a bottom, to carry out sliding on a breast with dvizhe niya of hands crawl; the breath is held, feet are straightened and rasslab Lena.

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