It is surprising, even

It is surprising, even It is surprising, even paradoxically, but actually the concept of a blood family was not so important and still remains not so important as the concept of a gotra is important, that is, an opredelyonkny clan.

The clan is all those people, all those children who got to a family, having been born in it or being adopted, adopted, accepted as spouses of children, priobretekna or are bought, accepted as pupils and so on.

Each of these children had the right for absolute care, support and guardianship of parents and thus had full legal right for inheritance of that property which the parent granted.

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The big construction

The big construction.

Stories about itself, photos, etc.

them place in the world.

The big construction cubes/model.

Filling of the doll lodge, parking toy machines etc.

use of feeling prostran stvo.

Choice of friends and game with them: continuous game with the builder stvo of caves, inventing of dances etc.

Team sport, games with rules, clubs, from which it derives pleasure conducts game your child.

Inventing own stories, to a predstavla niya, characters etc.

Ridiculous rhymes, stories, simple jokes.

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To control

To control Ro ditel can encourage it if are: To limit time which children spend in front of the screen mi TVs and computers.

We have enough elekt ronny toys thanks to which the child can hour mi to sit silently, but the virtual childhood this lost time.

To control the maintenance of that children look and with what play.

Arrival of video, Internet and other technological achievements means that parents cannot rely any more on lawful classifications of movies which could on can limit access for children to them.

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For example

For example Perhaps, separate elements of technology of the movements at your child do not turn out because of insufficiently developed force of the muscles participating in the swimming movements, because of insufficient flexibility, ability rasslab lyatsya etc.

It can be overcome, carrying out special exercises.

For example to run on skis, and not as on walk, and neskolin the winter to quicker.

It is good to choose such distance which would come to an end at the house.

Thus, a phase after training it is possible to enter to the house.

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The ball

The ball And Varik in that morning went to vegetable ranks, and only in three hours it filled to a semda it is sacred baskets the most selected vegetables and spices from seventy countries.

Forty porters carried on baskets polnenny to the brim in Zharik's restaurant.

Cooks took rest a little and were accepted for good reason.

The ball fried the fish on seventy skovo childbirth, and Varik cooked sauce in seventy coppers.

In four hours everything was ready.

The fish prepared for Zha Ric, shone as it is bright the polished copper frying pans on which it is Shari las.

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