Or, if they

Or, if they During an era when everything speaks about degradation, opportunities open, kotokry in very short time allow living beings to progress quickly.

Therefore children who come here, are allocated with a certain stock of opportunities.

Actually they already syzmalstvo show progress on which achievement it would be necessary for us, maybe, many years.

Or, if they set some purpose, reach result in very short time, than surprise the parents and teachers.

Also receive then the status of children indigo.

But the concept children from heavens does not concern only to children indigo.

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The child

The child odd number.

Figure and circles are put on the other side of a table.

Also investigate and order all other numbers.

The child reads aloud even and odd numbers.

Then it again displays all figures and circles in the same order as they lay at the beginning of exercise.

The teacher takes a pencil also divides them the circles lying under even numbers into two equal groups.

The pencil has to lie vertically.

The child understands that for odd numbers such division is impossible.

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The matter

The matter Questions and answers Question: That means to the girl to be quiet, happy and selfsufficient, even if she not it is married?

On what its happiness, tranquillity in this case is based?

On the relations good luck?

Answer: This question can be carried in business to a question: how to wait for the only thing.

The matter is that our nature is focused on various tastes of happiness, we cannot be happy only one type of communication.

In this sense, value of marriage in the woman's lives, marriage, according to the Vedic principles how many would not be great, is only very tasty, well decorated dessert by a lunch, on a holiday table of all types of happiness which we can receive in this life.

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The biggest

The biggest Using the just created visual department of a brain, children can summarize experience of the parents and use it as a source which helps them to feel better.

As we learn later, they can use it to constrain themselves: children remember a strict face of the father or mother and cease to do that as they already know, badly.

The biggest danger to children's mental development, as well as for the adult this excitement which has no exit.

Not capable to calm itself, the children's organism develops the whole stream of a cortisol, why the child feels even worse.

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More than

More than More than % of children tested on itself physical restrictions and punishment by an example.

Violent feeding was experienced by % of children including coercion to food, coercion is something unpleasant on taste, for example bread with mustard, coercion to drink the salty water, washing of a mouth water with soap; almost applied severe to a quarter of sevenyearold children of mother physically punishments severe punishment was defined as on mereniye or potential intention to put physical or psychological harm, use of subjects, I repeat shchikhsya actions or punishment for a long time; children who often were aggressive in relation to svo to them to brothers and sisters, were exposed four times more to severe physical punishments, than those who seldom was it is aggressive in relation to the brothers and sisters; about % of the studied children beat predmetami.

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