Through My brother was intimidated, therefore I was full of determination that any of my children of such will not test.

Through some weeks I learned that it was done not by my son.

I strongly was angry when lectured it, without having stopped shis to talk about it.

It could not even to me to tell that it was not it.

Anna K.

You will sometimes misunderstand Some parents say that before children never it is impossible to apologize or be reconciled with them.

But unless you not would like that your children knew how to them to arrive, if they were mistaken?

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The person

The person We will sum up end of this subject the rule which needs to be followed in connection with the abovementioned principles.

It is not necessary to compare children to somebody.

The person loses himself, turns into the envious personality, strives for success which were achieved by others, even without realizing that achievement of this progress of that its nature absolutely another, will never bring to it happiness.

In it a secret that many people throughout the life cannot find that place, that field of activity in which they could prove.

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Besides It is necessary to say sounds in a whisper at the beginning.

Besides that the deaf sound gets out, it still needs and to be said in a whisper you have to give to the child such instruction.

Training of a speech exhalation Training of an exhalation against pronouncing a sound t.

Training of an exhalation against pronouncing a sound d.

TRAINING OF THE EXHALATION AGAINST PRONOUNCING THE SOUND T Correct pronouncing: The child has to sit down, drop conveniently shoulders, all weight to put a chin to itself on hands, teeth at it have to be in provision of a normal bite.

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For receiving

For receiving Statement of hard consonants at their mitigation WAY OF STATEMENT OF FIRM SOUNDS FROM CORRECTLY SAID SOFT COUPLES Statement of sounds is described on the example of a sound t.

Let the child after you will say a sound t'.

When pronouncing soft sounds of a lip are always extended in a smile that, including, also provides softness of a pronunciation.

For receiving a firm sound the child, having rounded lips, has to after you to say syllables that is that is that.

D in itself air as if tuttutting.

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That is the child

That is the child And very important phrase for motivation of children of this kind: Time came.

That is the child needs to tell: Time to do so and so.

If we tell, you remember, for active type the motivating phrase was: Let's make where we will make was an essence of the nature of its action and give a signal of the accepted otvetstvenknost, in this case the phrase Time has come, time to do so and so makes for the child of receptive type such sense: in total under control, everything quietly and uporyakdocheno.

The most goodhearted and most sensitive children treat this type.

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