Actually in a situation

Actually in a situation Actually in a situation when support is rather strong when the child feels safe, he knows that nearby the loving person, ready to feel pity for any his emotions, some kind of is distributed a shot of the starting gun.

To be exempted from the negativkny emotions weighing it, the child can show even more these negative emotions that often frightens parents.

But through some time when process ends, his mood also improves without applying some measures of punishment, to reproach with an ingratitude, with a razbolktannost, with a pamperedness, with a capriciousness, and to entertain him quicker to disconnect, suppress or limit manifestations of negative emotions.

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We teach

We teach Instead we can spend our energy for that, to find such solutions, which to an udovla create both of us as persons.

We teach children to that, that they should not be our victims or ours enemies.

We give them the chance to be active participants of the solution of problems with whom they became are nodded now, so far they at home, and in the difficult world, expecting them behind a threshold.

TASK Forthcoming week use alternative to punishment.

What did you use?

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In the countries

In the countries In the world now more and more cases of an adoption, adoption.

In the countries developed where there are birth rate problems, began fashion to adopt, adopt children from the third countries.

And if adoption not a way to earn to itself authority, image of the compassionate person or to receive some grants from the state, and the dobrovolkny act made from completeness of heart, the act of a pozhertvokvaniye dictated by surplus of love, a neobkhodikmost to give more love to bigger number of children, in this case the karma of a family is extremely safe.

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Your requirements

Your requirements Fast training.

Your requirements At first the only need of parents can to be constant care of the newborn, but soon inevitably there are also others at least to take a bath or to make a lunch and here begins ekv libristika.

If we listen and to ourselves, and to children, we will be able quite to find golden mean.

Barbara Dale, coordinator of the Parental network I had to bother myself not to forget about own needs.

It seems to me, care of itself it is a habit which is quite difficult for getting, but I understood that has to make it for the sake of all of us.

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Without it it will

Without it it will And most likely, everything will finish sya that he will seize them even more strong and will not release, so far that you say, and how you tell it, will not bear one and touch idea.

For example, firmly tell: Slaz!

To you and it will be easier for your child if your feelings it is understood ny from the very beginning.

Let to them know that you feel.

Without it it will turn out nothing.

If you are irritated with that they do for example, intolerably loudly shout or play soccer in the house explain them the feelings and by that motivate them to change the behavior.

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