An essence

An essence Questions which the child formulates Game and training for themselves, give improbable motivation also are often surprising: Whether The wind is able to think?

We can close this question, because on it it is difficult to answer, or to stop the distant shy inquiries, having answered it, but ours give rise the telsky role consists in, that obleg to chit inquiries.

An essence not in giving prompt reply, and in trying to understand and not to finish inquiries.

Ability of the back to vat original questions, to ask and to adapt becomes even more real stvenno important today, during the fast technological changes.

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As I already

As I already And the child, eventually, feels the spiritually defective.

He will respect and appreciate that spiritual tradition to which his parents follow, but thus to consider itselfhimself at all not suitable, not having necessary purity of the spiritual nature to follow.

As I already spoke, boys in this case simply revolt and refuse to accept spiritual traditions to which parents follow, and even can start acting contrary to them.

And girls start feeling so sublime knowledge, defective and insufficiently pure, nepodkhokdyashchy for enrichment, with so pure, sublime people.

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The compulsory

The compulsory It not simply the child quietly stayed in the room, calmed down and a little bit played, looked through books.

It is not simple calm, as if cooling of the child who got a little bit excited, got noisy, played, and it should leave the rezoniruyushchiy environment, for example, from the circle of children who rustle or play about.

The compulsory privacy has the purpose more stoutly to endure negative emotions, it is possible to tell, in vitro, in which it safely for the child, for people around.

Blagokdar to it because of manifestation of the negative emotions the child will not draw upon himself any aggression or manifestation besides of negative emotions from adults or elder brothers and sisters.

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For example, in number

For example, in number The teacher and the child together check, whether there corresponds the brought set to the set number.

Upon termination of exercise of the card and a bead return on the places.

It is important that the number was called.

On numbers with zero clearly it is visible that some category is passed, is in it there are no beads.

For example, in number tens are passed.

It is possible to carry out also return exercise.

The child receives a set from beads and brings then the corresponding cards with numbers.

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