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Instead of rejecting

Instead of rejecting Instead of rejecting tendency to a sotrudnikchestvo of children by means of a pristyzheniye, opprobiums and punishments, wise parents make light or simply remain neutral and are focused how to correct consequences of the made mistake even concerning children of preadolescent age.

Children of preadolescent age and teenagers usually consider that if you cannot prove their participation that they are involved in commission of a mistake, they can really consider that it did not do.

That is, this such internal understanding, internal perception of things and therefore instead of compelling to admit the guilt, wise parents have to see a big problem my child, the teenager does not feel safe, he does not feel that with him reckon , it can to love even if he makes some mistakes In case parents can simply explain, what послед™ the Viy would arise if he or she, the son or the daughter were are completely responsible for that they made As it is correct to react to mistakes of children The next moment about which it would be desirable to talk are skills of the correct response to mistakes of children.

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