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It is at the same

, as children as, however, almost always and adults are not able to feel this discomfort.It is at the same time necessary to teach the child to get rid of the muscular clips.And to it is useless to give advice to relax muscles.Trying to make it, it will only even more strain them from diligence, which in its representation is by all means connected with effort.For removal of muscular tension the child has to be trained to make the concrete movements and actions causing states muscles, opposite to what it has to lower shoulders, for to kryvat eyes, etc.

But as in a circle

It everything, maybe, is also not necessary for it.Perhaps, it needs occupations of other sort, not the yogi, and repetition of sacred names or communication with people which are occupied with spiritual practice.But as in a circle of wealthy people the yoga is prestigious, that, is perfect as at Zhvanetsky: You will be, the blockhead, the engineer, you will be, the blockhead to study will go to yoga.It was fashionable to play an accordion, all children were driven on an accordion.

The father

Three and a half years were it.The father speaks: Well, well, interestingly!The daughter answers: In a pancake.The father at first was oshelomklen.He expected something more impressive, more picturesque.But then began to remember.This family led an adjustable life, including sexual.Parents knew date when there was a conception of the child.And the father spoke: I swear that that day during the lunchtime we were on a visit.And I cannot remember all dishes on a table, but on a table there precisely there were pancakes.

We tell

It has a huge desire to expand the lexicon.The teacher should mean this requirement.We tell stories, we discuss the daily events occurring in life of children, we arrange games with dolls and without them, we read children's verses etc.Also the speech which is used in exercises on training in skills of practical life and at is very important to work with materials for development of feelings.At first the child long enough works with material, and then listens to an oral lesson.

Heat conduction

Before shower feels fatigue and a heat after a shower the exhaustion falls down, there is a cheerfulness, fun, energy.To the contrary, it is possible to be warmed byst to yard in warm water because water gives the heat quicker, than a cart spirit.Heat conduction of water by times exceeds heat conduction air.It is known that the identical air temperature and waters of people vos accepts differently.At air temperature ° it is possible to go down the street in a summer dress, and try to bathe and water with same temperature you will feel a considerable cool.

On neob you will

It equally can belong to a stick, cubes, a doll or a brush for drawing.As well as in from carrying all family rules, you explain it to the child so, That the child grew the happy that he understood in what the rule and why to you it consists it is necessary see.How to stimulate good behavior.On neob you will remind hodimost to him of it and to speak about the EU testvenny consequences of violation of the rule for example, to You it will be sick.Perhaps, you even will correct it behavior see.

Service has never

Answer: For this purpose mentally to tell the best way that I accumulate, I receive this service, I receive the benefits of this service better to serve drukgy people or to feel bigger enthusiasm to serve those who helps me, or those who cares of me.It is the natural course, the estestvenkny course of service.Service has never to is accepted in order that we enjoyed it.Service is accepted to test happiness of service to someone else.That is people who serve us, give the chance to us to test happiness from service to someone else.


The second consequence something else to borrow unwillingness of the owner.Also it is possible that the owner will change the opinion if is some obvious proof of that situation Alternative to punishment will not repeat again.Responsibility for it lies on debtor.The owner has to do nothing, that to a pra to give a lesson.It is much simpler to learn something, observing natural reactions of people, but not from the person, which decided to punish you for your benefit.

To become

Again to turn the person in water and to repeat an exhalation.It is desirable for fig.that the child looked as carry out it uprazhne the scientific research institute you, and then repeated.The same, but the person for a breath to turn to the left.To do exhalations in water and after small rest povto to rit exercise.To become the child on a bottom, having bent forward, on depth up to a breast.The left right hand is extended up, right left at a hip.To put the head on the hand extended up, a cheek on water, a mouth at the poverkhnos ti waters.


Question of yaselny care of children part of a big problem of the society which lost feeling of that really is important.For many people life turned into the express train with the unclear destination.We hurry, but even we do not know where.Children and teenagers today as the floats shaking on waves of stresses and tension of adults.In their environment the first symptoms of sick culture are shown.And they are shown now in epidemic scales.The question of a day nursery is the most emotionally discussed subject in modern society.

A box with

Chains of beads linear numbers Short chains Material: the wall shelf with chains hanging on it on small hooks, each of which corresponds to a square from cores with color beads with the party from to So, the first chain consists of one core with one red bead, the second from two cores on green beads on everyone, the third from three cores on pink beads etc.The tenth chain consists of cores on gold beads on everyone.A box with shooters of various width.Colors of arrows correspond to flowers of chains.

If each

If we want to surround children with love the first three years of their life, and it, according to scientists, to them is vital, husbands fathers should become part of this plan.If each married couple begins with the solution of this problem, then spouses will be able successfully to be engaged in career and to raise children.CHAPTER THE WORLD WHERE THE LOVE CAN PROSPER I am going to describe two situations.Everyone is extremely sad, and everyone takes place many times in the course of the day.

What this

Give me a box with silent noise!nd step.Give me a box with loud noise!Before the answer the child checks noise of boxes, again shaking them.What this noise?What that noise?rd step.The teacher chooses other couple and speaks: Give me from these two box with loud noise.From here the child has to learn relativity of concepts the loud silent.He puts boxes the friend near the friend opposite to all others and repeats exercise.Loud is louder the loudest.

The best

We learn a positive example!About the second of considerable, important secrets of a vospiktaniye or the second big secret of small children many of us, probably, suspected or knew, heard, but hardly could believe that it really works.The best method of education for children, the most effective method it is simple copying or a podrakzhaniye.Many parents can tell that it is very controversial issue.As if practice of it does not confirm.If this is true, someone why at parents with kind character and the high moral principles children who not only do not follow these norms often grow up can object and do not develop, do not show these qualities, but often on the contrary, show the most negative, negative qualities?

The same, but the right

To make a breath and then, turning the head facedown you died.Help the child to accept the correct position of the head and hands.The same, but the right left hand to carry out the fungal movements.The same but to carry out alternate grebk hands, coordinating them with exhalations in water.Pay the main attention to an exhalation.Having made a start from a bottom, to carry out sliding on a breast with dvizhe niya of hands crawl; the breath is held, feet are straightened and rasslab Lena.

It is surprising, even

It is surprising, even paradoxically, but actually the concept of a blood family was not so important and still remains not so important as the concept of a gotra is important, that is, an opredelyonkny clan.The clan is all those people, all those children who got to a family, having been born in it or being adopted, adopted, accepted as spouses of children, priobretekna or are bought, accepted as pupils and so on.Each of these children had the right for absolute care, support and guardianship of parents and thus had full legal right for inheritance of that property which the parent granted.

The big construction

.Stories about itself, photos, etc.them place in the world.The big construction cubes/model.Filling of the doll lodge, parking toy machines etc.use of feeling prostran stvo.Choice of friends and game with them: continuous game with the builder stvo of caves, inventing of dances etc.Team sport, games with rules, clubs, from which it derives pleasure conducts game your child.Inventing own stories, to a predstavla niya, characters etc.Ridiculous rhymes, stories, simple jokes.

To control

Ro ditel can encourage it if are: To limit time which children spend in front of the screen mi TVs and computers.We have enough elekt ronny toys thanks to which the child can hour mi to sit silently, but the virtual childhood this lost time.To control the maintenance of that children look and with what play.Arrival of video, Internet and other technological achievements means that parents cannot rely any more on lawful classifications of movies which could on can limit access for children to them.

For example

Perhaps, separate elements of technology of the movements at your child do not turn out because of insufficiently developed force of the muscles participating in the swimming movements, because of insufficient flexibility, ability rasslab lyatsya etc.It can be overcome, carrying out special exercises.For example to run on skis, and not as on walk, and neskolin the winter to quicker.It is good to choose such distance which would come to an end at the house.Thus, a phase after training it is possible to enter to the house.

The ball

And Varik in that morning went to vegetable ranks, and only in three hours it filled to a semda it is sacred baskets the most selected vegetables and spices from seventy countries.Forty porters carried on baskets polnenny to the brim in Zharik's restaurant.Cooks took rest a little and were accepted for good reason.The ball fried the fish on seventy skovo childbirth, and Varik cooked sauce in seventy coppers.In four hours everything was ready.The fish prepared for Zha Ric, shone as it is bright the polished copper frying pans on which it is Shari las.

Or, if they

During an era when everything speaks about degradation, opportunities open, kotokry in very short time allow living beings to progress quickly.Therefore children who come here, are allocated with a certain stock of opportunities.Actually they already syzmalstvo show progress on which achievement it would be necessary for us, maybe, many years.Or, if they set some purpose, reach result in very short time, than surprise the parents and teachers.Also receive then the status of children indigo.But the concept children from heavens does not concern only to children indigo.

The child

odd number.Figure and circles are put on the other side of a table.Also investigate and order all other numbers.The child reads aloud even and odd numbers.Then it again displays all figures and circles in the same order as they lay at the beginning of exercise.The teacher takes a pencil also divides them the circles lying under even numbers into two equal groups.The pencil has to lie vertically.The child understands that for odd numbers such division is impossible.

The matter

Questions and answers Question: That means to the girl to be quiet, happy and selfsufficient, even if she not it is married?On what its happiness, tranquillity in this case is based?On the relations good luck?Answer: This question can be carried in business to a question: how to wait for the only thing.The matter is that our nature is focused on various tastes of happiness, we cannot be happy only one type of communication.In this sense, value of marriage in the woman's lives, marriage, according to the Vedic principles how many would not be great, is only very tasty, well decorated dessert by a lunch, on a holiday table of all types of happiness which we can receive in this life.

The biggest

Using the just created visual department of a brain, children can summarize experience of the parents and use it as a source which helps them to feel better.As we learn later, they can use it to constrain themselves: children remember a strict face of the father or mother and cease to do that as they already know, badly.The biggest danger to children's mental development, as well as for the adult this excitement which has no exit.Not capable to calm itself, the children's organism develops the whole stream of a cortisol, why the child feels even worse.

More than

More than % of children tested on itself physical restrictions and punishment by an example.Violent feeding was experienced by % of children including coercion to food, coercion is something unpleasant on taste, for example bread with mustard, coercion to drink the salty water, washing of a mouth water with soap; almost applied severe to a quarter of sevenyearold children of mother physically punishments severe punishment was defined as on mereniye or potential intention to put physical or psychological harm, use of subjects, I repeat shchikhsya actions or punishment for a long time; children who often were aggressive in relation to svo to them to brothers and sisters, were exposed four times more to severe physical punishments, than those who seldom was it is aggressive in relation to the brothers and sisters; about % of the studied children beat predmetami.


My brother was intimidated, therefore I was full of determination that any of my children of such will not test.Through some weeks I learned that it was done not by my son.I strongly was angry when lectured it, without having stopped shis to talk about it.It could not even to me to tell that it was not it.Anna K.You will sometimes misunderstand Some parents say that before children never it is impossible to apologize or be reconciled with them.But unless you not would like that your children knew how to them to arrive, if they were mistaken?

The person

We will sum up end of this subject the rule which needs to be followed in connection with the abovementioned principles.It is not necessary to compare children to somebody.The person loses himself, turns into the envious personality, strives for success which were achieved by others, even without realizing that achievement of this progress of that its nature absolutely another, will never bring to it happiness.In it a secret that many people throughout the life cannot find that place, that field of activity in which they could prove.


It is necessary to say sounds in a whisper at the beginning.Besides that the deaf sound gets out, it still needs and to be said in a whisper you have to give to the child such instruction.Training of a speech exhalation Training of an exhalation against pronouncing a sound t.Training of an exhalation against pronouncing a sound d.TRAINING OF THE EXHALATION AGAINST PRONOUNCING THE SOUND T Correct pronouncing: The child has to sit down, drop conveniently shoulders, all weight to put a chin to itself on hands, teeth at it have to be in provision of a normal bite.

For receiving

Statement of hard consonants at their mitigation WAY OF STATEMENT OF FIRM SOUNDS FROM CORRECTLY SAID SOFT COUPLES Statement of sounds is described on the example of a sound t.Let the child after you will say a sound t'.When pronouncing soft sounds of a lip are always extended in a smile that, including, also provides softness of a pronunciation.For receiving a firm sound the child, having rounded lips, has to after you to say syllables that is that is that.D in itself air as if tuttutting.

That is the child

And very important phrase for motivation of children of this kind: Time came.That is the child needs to tell: Time to do so and so.If we tell, you remember, for active type the motivating phrase was: Let's make where we will make was an essence of the nature of its action and give a signal of the accepted otvetstvenknost, in this case the phrase Time has come, time to do so and so makes for the child of receptive type such sense: in total under control, everything quietly and uporyakdocheno.The most goodhearted and most sensitive children treat this type.

Actually in a situation

Actually in a situation when support is rather strong when the child feels safe, he knows that nearby the loving person, ready to feel pity for any his emotions, some kind of is distributed a shot of the starting gun.To be exempted from the negativkny emotions weighing it, the child can show even more these negative emotions that often frightens parents.But through some time when process ends, his mood also improves without applying some measures of punishment, to reproach with an ingratitude, with a razbolktannost, with a pamperedness, with a capriciousness, and to entertain him quicker to disconnect, suppress or limit manifestations of negative emotions.

We teach

Instead we can spend our energy for that, to find such solutions, which to an udovla create both of us as persons.We teach children to that, that they should not be our victims or ours enemies.We give them the chance to be active participants of the solution of problems with whom they became are nodded now, so far they at home, and in the difficult world, expecting them behind a threshold.TASK Forthcoming week use alternative to punishment.What did you use?

In the countries

In the world now more and more cases of an adoption, adoption.In the countries developed where there are birth rate problems, began fashion to adopt, adopt children from the third countries.And if adoption not a way to earn to itself authority, image of the compassionate person or to receive some grants from the state, and the dobrovolkny act made from completeness of heart, the act of a pozhertvokvaniye dictated by surplus of love, a neobkhodikmost to give more love to bigger number of children, in this case the karma of a family is extremely safe.

Your requirements

Fast training.Your requirements At first the only need of parents can to be constant care of the newborn, but soon inevitably there are also others at least to take a bath or to make a lunch and here begins ekv libristika.If we listen and to ourselves, and to children, we will be able quite to find golden mean.Barbara Dale, coordinator of the Parental network I had to bother myself not to forget about own needs.It seems to me, care of itself it is a habit which is quite difficult for getting, but I understood that has to make it for the sake of all of us.

Without it it will

And most likely, everything will finish sya that he will seize them even more strong and will not release, so far that you say, and how you tell it, will not bear one and touch idea.For example, firmly tell: Slaz!To you and it will be easier for your child if your feelings it is understood ny from the very beginning.Let to them know that you feel.Without it it will turn out nothing.If you are irritated with that they do for example, intolerably loudly shout or play soccer in the house explain them the feelings and by that motivate them to change the behavior.


it is best of all to clean language for teeth see below.Language can lie between teeth continuous weight, any fillet along it it is not formed, air leaves the child's mouth, simply flowing round it.The sound with can be said and any otherwise not mezhzubno.In two last cases the child will need to put at first the correct interdental pronunciation of a sound with.To say a sound with aloud it is impossible for you.Statement of an interdental sound with.Let the child will put out very wide tongue between teeth.

After that

As nibud call this sound it is possible to tell the child that so visas zhit drank.After that it is necessary to put at once language end and to say sound which from it turns out squeal of a saw.SIT sharply And ABRUPTLY BUT are not loud Also the LOW giliiit; to do it faded, the sound and will sound is greased.When child will say a sound unmistakably, report to it, what sound it learned to utter.WAY II.STATEMENT OF THE SOUND AND IN SYLLABLES BETWEEN VOWELS Let the child after you say sound combinations ai, it, uia.

We tell

Avoid, that govo to rit to the child what to feel and as.Think, as hour they hear that do not long, do not worry, it is not sick, yes it is pleasant to you, be not foolish.We tell all this without having thought, but we can cause misunderstanding in the child, bring down it with sense to force it to feel the rejected.SMOY geepok goz zsyavimt That child swarm the happy And recognition of emotions of the child, on the contrary, can be edins tvenny necessary factor of that it began with mi to consult.

Instead of rejecting

Instead of rejecting tendency to a sotrudnikchestvo of children by means of a pristyzheniye, opprobiums and punishments, wise parents make light or simply remain neutral and are focused how to correct consequences of the made mistake even concerning children of preadolescent age.Children of preadolescent age and teenagers usually consider that if you cannot prove their participation that they are involved in commission of a mistake, they can really consider that it did not do.That is, this such internal understanding, internal perception of things and therefore instead of compelling to admit the guilt, wise parents have to see a big problem my child, the teenager does not feel safe, he does not feel that with him reckon , it can to love even if he makes some mistakes In case parents can simply explain, what послед™ the Viy would arise if he or she, the son or the daughter were are completely responsible for that they made As it is correct to react to mistakes of children The next moment about which it would be desirable to talk are skills of the correct response to mistakes of children.

If you feel

If you react to everyone about mortars, you can spend the most part of time, operating behavior of the child owing to what he will begin to turn on you less attention, and you will otchaivat more and more sya and to be angry.Try not to react immediately.At least let's themselves time estimate that you want from the child.If you feel that have to consider his behavior, remember, a vzva tire reaction, as a rule, much more effective, than the reflective.Two my children beat each other on the plastmassova head mi shovels, and both came running to me, accusing the friend the friend and shouting.

An essence

Questions which the child formulates Game and training for themselves, give improbable motivation also are often surprising: Whether The wind is able to think?We can close this question, because on it it is difficult to answer, or to stop the distant shy inquiries, having answered it, but ours give rise the telsky role consists in, that obleg to chit inquiries.An essence not in giving prompt reply, and in trying to understand and not to finish inquiries.Ability of the back to vat original questions, to ask and to adapt becomes even more real stvenno important today, during the fast technological changes.

As I already

And the child, eventually, feels the spiritually defective.He will respect and appreciate that spiritual tradition to which his parents follow, but thus to consider itselfhimself at all not suitable, not having necessary purity of the spiritual nature to follow.As I already spoke, boys in this case simply revolt and refuse to accept spiritual traditions to which parents follow, and even can start acting contrary to them.And girls start feeling so sublime knowledge, defective and insufficiently pure, nepodkhokdyashchy for enrichment, with so pure, sublime people.

The compulsory

It not simply the child quietly stayed in the room, calmed down and a little bit played, looked through books.It is not simple calm, as if cooling of the child who got a little bit excited, got noisy, played, and it should leave the rezoniruyushchiy environment, for example, from the circle of children who rustle or play about.The compulsory privacy has the purpose more stoutly to endure negative emotions, it is possible to tell, in vitro, in which it safely for the child, for people around.Blagokdar to it because of manifestation of the negative emotions the child will not draw upon himself any aggression or manifestation besides of negative emotions from adults or elder brothers and sisters.

For example, in number

The teacher and the child together check, whether there corresponds the brought set to the set number.Upon termination of exercise of the card and a bead return on the places.It is important that the number was called.On numbers with zero clearly it is visible that some category is passed, is in it there are no beads.For example, in number tens are passed.It is possible to carry out also return exercise.The child receives a set from beads and brings then the corresponding cards with numbers.


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